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Pages in category "NEC PC games". The following 32 pages are in this category, out of 32 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). B. Binary Land · The Black Onyx · Bokosuka Wars Dig Dug · Donkey Kong 3 · Door Door · Dung Beetles (video game). F. Flappy · Frogger · Front Line (video game). G. Top Rated Lists for NEC PC · 96 items Bacon · Bacon! 93 items List of Random things · The new Nintendo logo in use since Iwata during an interview with in December HAL Laboratory's logo: Commodore The PC was first released in November of in Japan at the price of 89, yen. A special x, x, x, x, 64x48; Display colors: monochrome (x) / 2 (x) / 9 (64x48); Interface: Tape ( / baud), RGB, Centronics, Atari Joystick (2), ROM/RAM cartridges, Audio. Games.

25 Feb Some games, like AX-5, have separate versions for screen mode 3 and screen mode 4. === Running software === For most tape software, simply type. CLOAD. RUN. Unlike the PC series, it is not necessary to specify a program name with CLOAD - the PC will find one automatically. If you need. Frogger, Konami, , action/reflex. Galac Convoy, Pony Canyon, , shooter. Galaxy! Kiya;Avalon Hill, , simulation. Golgo Moretti Ichizoku Zansatsu Jiken, Pony Canyon, , adventure Manga. Gundam vs. Dopp-tai, Dempa, , shooter Science Fiction. High-Jump Game?? sport. Hydlide, T&E Soft, Mappy () ( average Grouvee user rating). Arcade FM-7 Game Boy Advance Game Gear iPhone MSX NEC PC NEC PC Nintendo Entertainment System Sharp MZ Sharp X1 Super Cassette Vision Wii Shop. An action maze game where a mouse policeman has to find stolen goods in a house filled with.

Ready to relive the exitement of playing those good old games on your PC computer? Well, you can now! Below is our full list of retro game remakes of PC- games now available for Windows PC. 9T Lines Tetris remake 9T Lines Tetris · Bomber Dash remake Bomber Dash · Bombermaaan remake Bombermaaan. These are the ones I'm looking for. They're not in the TOSEC set, and I can't seem to find them linked on Tokugawa either. Star Stream also has a PC version, either will do. Vandal (Xtalsoft) CYCLOD (九十九電機) STAR STREAM (Hudson) メトロウォーズ (MagicSoft). Last Edit: Jan 28, at pm.


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