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Vembu storegrid client download

Vembu storegrid client

16 Dec With the recent Vembu web changes, I can't locate the Client download files. Here , it says: "Download and install Vembu BDR Backup Server, which is a common server for both Vembu VMBackup and NetworkBackup clients. You can download these clients from Vembu BDR. Vembu provides Backup and Disaster Recovery software for Virtual data center. We offer VMware backup, Hyper-v backup and Physical server backup software. Hi. I have been running Vembu BDR for about 3 weeks now and started getting Missed backup schedule reports for the last 5 days as i set my Vembu BDR to mail me on failed backups. Nothing has changed on the Vembu BDR server and i 'm not sure why this is now happening as the computers that are now failing to.

Users can click on help icon and verify the build version to confirm successful update of backup server. Client Update: Upgrading client machines can be done in two ways: Manual upgrade. Auto upgrade. Manual upgrade: Manual upgrade process is similar to that of server update, where users can download client builds. 11 Feb Hi its now numerous of time recieving the same error. "The server rejected this client's backup request" and it causes the backups to fail. 25 Jun My backup jobs fails with the error message "SG/SG Unable to connect to the Backup Server". I checked ping to the VembuBDR server from my client machine and it ends up with success message and also I am able to access the VembuBDR server UI in my client machine. What might be the.

Cause This error occurs when the client is deactivated in the backup server. Solution. 9 Dec My company is currently offering Vembu BDR / StoreGrid service to a few of our clients, but frankly it sucks, so we might be looking to move to a different platform; for those of you who are "cloud" backup re-sellers, what do you use and what do you recommend? Here's what we would need from a product. Would be fantastic to have a plugin for the Storegrid client app. This is a backup software which allows systems to backup to a hosted solution. Problem i.


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