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ATLAS: enables device technology engineers to simulate the electrical, optical, and thermal behavior of semiconductor devices. The new DEVICE3D product within ATLAS extends the capabilities of S-PISCES in modeling general non-planar 3D structures. The structural definition, models, material parameters and solution techniques are extensions to the 2D SPISCES syntax. DEVICE3D is integrated into the VWF allowing RSM's of 3D effects to be. 3D Device Simulator. Device 3D™ is a physics based 3D device simulator for any device type and includes material properties for the commonly used semiconductor materials in use today. The physical phenomenon that can be simulated self consistently with the semiconductor equations include photon absorption, photon.

High Performance ATHENA and. ATLAS Simulation on PC under NT. The recent advances in PC hardware capability in terms of memory and CPU floating point performance has allowed the possibility of running realistic sized ATHENA and ATLAS problems on PCs. The Fall release of PC-TCAD will include all the. ATLAS/MixedMode Simulation of a Three Stage CMOS Ring Oscillator Part I: MixedMode Setup. Introduction. Ring oscillator circuits are a valuable test structure for determining the feasibility and success of an integrated circuit process fabrication sequence. One of the most useful results obtainable from a ring oscillator test. Extraction of SPICE Model Parameters from ATLAS Device Simulation Using UTMOST. Many users would like to extract SPICE models from their process and device simulation using ATHENA and ATLAS to be used in actual circuit simulation without actually fabricating the device. Using SILVACO's UTMOST you can extract.

3D. 3D Process Simulator is a general purpose layout driven 1D, 2D and 3D process simulator including Etching and deposition, Implantation, Diffusion and Oxidation simulation capabilities. More · 2D. Process Simulation Framework. Integrates several process simulation modules in a user-friendly environment provided by. The Organic Display™ module enables Atlas to simulate the electrical and optical properties of organic display devices such as OTFTs and OLEDs. Organic Display is integrated into the Atlas framework and allows the steady-state and transient simulation of the electrical and optical behavior of active organic devices. Atlas is a group of device simulation products enables device technology engineers to simulate the electrical, optical, and thermal behavior of semiconductor devices. It provides a physics-based, modular, and extensible platform to analyze DC, AC, and time domain responses for all semiconductor based technologies in 2.


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