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Using Foucault s Methods

: Using Foucault′s Methods (Introducing Qualitative Methods series) (): Gavin Kendall, Gary M Wickham: Books. The book is organized around the following themes: history, archaeology, genealogy and discourse as the cornerstones of Foucault's methods; and science and culture as important objects of analysis for those using Foucault's methods. The book enables the reader to understand how Foucault's contribution to social. Download citation | Using Foucault''s Me | Using Foucault's Methods provides a clear, straightforward guide to those who want to apply the work of Foucault to their own field of interest. The authors employ an accessible style to encourage readers to engage with Foucault's work (and other Fou.

This module introduces students to the uses of Foucault's theory and method in the social sciences. The module is structured over three sessions to provide insight into the ways Foucault's technique and method have been taken up in sociology and applied to social research. Focusing on discourse as a cornerstone of. This is an accessible, succinct and easily digestible introduction to Foucauldian methods. Though written in a work-book style, with exercises to "try on your own," the authors remain intellectually diligent and avoid patronizing the reader. Strongly recommended for those struggling with applying Foucault in their own work. 4 Nov My personal engagement with Foucault's investigations of how human beings become subjects transformed in my inquiry into how students become national subjects in the context of schooling. This is easier said than done. My genuine fascination with Foucault's masterly ways of unravelling the social.

A ruse is a gimmick or device used as a strategy or instrument. Fo. Foucault, method can best be understood as a ruse rather than as a meth which promises truth. Methods regulate what can be discovered and the discourse about what can be discovered. In this essay, the realist and ideali models of method are criticized. reticence to declare method, fearful perhaps of the charge of being prescriptive. There are those again who make references to 'doing' discourse analysis and because they loosely link their analysis to motifs of power and sporadically cite Foucault, there is an assumption that this too is 'Foucauldian' discourse analysis. In. debate on Foucault's theories. Drawing on inufluential theorisations of the Foucauldian methodology Iwill attempt to bring together those critical pieces that illuminate the dark tunnel of the genealogical method and make it 'usable'. Why and how to use genealogy as a critical tool is what I want to illustrate, but to do this I.


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