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The Human Body The First Steps

3 Jun Professor Robert Winston looks at the leaps and bounds made during babyhood. Watch BBC HUMAN BODY First Steps movie online - seven months old and over the next few months, he'll take his first steps and speak his first words. anxious or uncomfortable in the beginning. “When students first go to the labs, we give them first steps. First-year students in U-M's Medical School experience a rite of passage in the gross anatomy lab, where they learn about the human body by dissecting it. They also come to terms with their donors, those who have given.

(27 May ); "First Steps" – In four years, the new-born child learns every survival skill. (3 June ); "Raging Teens" – The hormone-driven roller-coaster otherwise known as adolescence! (10 June ); "Brain Power" – The adult human brain is the most complicated - and mysterious - object in the universe. 8 May The programme's ultimate aim is to create an in silico, or computer simulated, replica of the human body that will allow the virtual testing of treatments on patients based on their own specific needs – potentially predicting future problems they may encounter or eliminating the need for invasive procedures.


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