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26 Feb limit my search to r/DotA2 . manually setting regions seem to make a match happen faster, but of course most people are waiting for an "auto" region queue so its still shit. Just had a 15 min queue time to get 5 randoms where support did not want to buy wards and the other team was a 4 man stack. 3 Feb Settings. Settings allow players to be matched only with others who have selected the same settings. Selecting more settings can significantly reduce wait time, as the system will be able to search for compatible players from a larger population pool. For Dota 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So how long are the queue times supposed to be nowadays?". I almost found 2 games, but both times one player just didn't connect and it said restarting with "high priority", but I'm still waiting:(How long does it usually take you guys to.

29 May The time it takes to get into a matchmaking game is way too long. And even when I get into a match, at least one idiot has to decline playing the game. Any ways to cut down the matchmaking wait time, so I can actually play a round of Dota 2 without waiting for an hour. 20 Apr players have time to register a number, but starting on May 4th, accounts without a registered number will no longer be eligible for Ranked play. If a phone number is removed from an account after registration, a new number can be added, but there will be a three-month waiting period before the removed. 10 Oct Oct 10, @ pm. Wait List. Sorry if this has been asked in another thread before but, is 3+ months a normal wait time to getting into Dota 2? I signed up when it went f2p just to check it out, but I'm still at the same wait number now as I was 3 months ago. Is anyone else still waiting to get it?.

Created with Highcharts In-game minutes In-game minutes Game Mode Ranked AP Single Draft Random Draft Turbo Ability Draft Capt. Mode All Pick All Random 1v1 Mid Least Played ARDM Capt. Draft MidOnly Reverse CM Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr 1. May 2. May 0 k 1 k 1 k 2. 24 Apr I do not believe that Dota 2 has the playerbase to handle 4 distinct pools for ranked in a decent way (keeping the queue time at decent values for all 4 pools, keeping the mmr differences between the lowest and the highest in the game at decent values for all 4 pools) on most servers. I really doubt that Dota. [Archive] Dota 2 Fixups Metamod:Source Plugins. cvars in the game are respected. You may join a team with the jointeam command while waiting for others to join (which will make your name appear ready on the waiting list and go straight to hero selection when appropriate). ?.png.


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