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Sheila Heti is the author of several books of fiction, including The Middle Stories and Ticknor; and an essay collection written with Misha Glouberman, The Chairs Are Where the People Go. Her writing has been translated into ten languages and her work has appeared in The New York Times, Bookforum, McSweeney's, n +1. 11 Jan There are two ways of writing a diary. In the first, you note where you went and with whom. You detail people's conversation, clothes and jokes. You say who you slept with, and who all your friends slept with. The second way is more inward-looking: long lists of anxieties, hopes, dreams, feelings, worries. Being a woman of Heti's generation currently living in Toronto, this book embarrasses me. Heti thinks she is truly having a revelation about living by discovering that her life might at times be 'ugly', so much so that she feels the need to share it with everyone in a book called 'How should a person be?: A novel from life'.

5 Jul Sheila Heti's book is “part literary novel, part self-help manual.”. JUNE 18, CANADIAN WRITER SHEILA HETI'S breakthrough novel How Should a Person Be? recounts the author's faux-epic quest for a personal life; or more specifically, a life that will support and engender a kind of writing she can believe in. How Should a Person Be? was written from — when Heti was 28 . 25 Jun Proust said that all of Dostoyevsky's novels could be called “Crime and Punishment.” The Tolstoyan title of Sheila Heti's “How Should a Person Be?” ( Henry Holt) would surely serve for uncountably many works of fiction. But Heti's first stab at an answer, which appears on the second page, is disconcerting.

17 Jan The writing is comfortably slack. Sheila says she could “easily make a list of all the girls to whom I had caused pain. First there was Lorraine” – who hasn't previously been introduced, and of whom no more is said. Someone at a diner picks up “a thing of jam”. Sheila, who's separated from her husband for. "Sheila makes it ugly to clear a space: for novels to be less fictional, for women to dream of being geniuses, for a way of being 'honest and transparent and give away nothing.' Reviewers described wanting to throw the book across the room or to stock up on copies to give to friends, sometimes both She has been called . 18 Jun If you've been loving Lena Dunham's Girls, you should most certainly pick up a copy of Sheila Heti's new novel, How Should a Person Be? In it, fictional Sheila struggles to answer the titular question through conversations with her friends ( including Margaux, Misha, and Sholem), blowjobs, impulsive trips to.


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