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Youtube videos using kissyoutube download

Youtube videos using kissyoutube

15 Mar Kiss YouTube offers an innovative approach for downloading video clips from Youtube. No browser bookmarklets, no software to install, just remember the KISS "Keep It Sweet & Simple" principle. While you are watching a video clip on the youtube website, just add the word "kiss" to the video URL in your. To download videos, just need to add a “kiss” before the “youtube” in your URL, turn it into “kissyoutube”. For example, the URL of ?v= eRxHs29gRsQ, now add a “kiss”, the URL changed to watch?v=eRxHs29gRsQ. Then the browser will parse the URL and skip to a window. 14 Aug is a site that makes it super simple for you to download the FLV videos on the YouTube site. Using is easy -- just change the URL of the page on which you are watching the YouTube video, so that you add the alphabets "kiss" before the domain name

Kiss YouTube is a straight forward way to download YouTube videos because you do not need to install any software. In addition, Kiss YouTube can download YouTube videos in three different file formats: 3GP, FLV, and MP4. Paired with ease of use, that's plenty of great features for an online service. You can either copy. They told me how one can download any video by typing "kiss" in front of the YouTube address. I tried to explain that just because you can do . is not affiliate in any way with ". Note that: It's not simply "writing kiss in front of a YouTube address", it's a different website called Description. Keep It Simple Stupid Youtube plugin helps to embed YouTube videos into your posts with Valid XHTML. So why to use my plugin instead tons of others? You can find all video stuff on Youtube so why do you need another services? Do you have extra server power for complicated plugins with nested options?.

I used to use KissYouTube to download videos from you tube, but it isn't working any more. Does anyone know of a Mac OSX alternative? * For those who didn't know, anytime you were watching a video on youtube, you could go to the address bar and put kiss infront of youtube, and it would take you to a. There are many application available on the internet which allows you to download the YouTube is one more web app that provides you the quickest way.


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